After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston (1981), I studied at the New England School of Art and Design, also in Boston, and created designs for a number of companies. During this time, I continued to paint, and began exhibiting my work in 1998. Focusing on fine art has allowed me to live art every waking—and often dreaming—moment.

I create art to call attention to the often overlooked. The inspiration for much of my art comes from nature and female imagery, both of which to me express strength and vulnerability, power, mystery, and creative potential. Nearly everything I see, especially in nature, urges me to explore more and more avenues in my work. Moreover, I love experimenting with unusual media.

I usually have a clear idea of what a piece will look like before I begin. As the work evolves, it may influence me toward a slightly different direction, but the final result is close to or exactly what I had envisioned.

I can't talk about my art without mentioning music, which has been a profound influence in my life from the very beginning of my consciousness. It is the hand in which my heart beats. For me, art and music are inextricably linked spiritual experiences.

My creations are my daughters, each with her own personality—wild, whimsical, cunning, defiant, hopeful—but never, never indifferent.

In addition to visual art, I also write poetry, which has been published in more than 50 magazines and literary journals.